Since 1985 - A true Texas Original

For generations, the Wolf® Brand unique blend of seasonings and good hearty beef has delivered authentic chili taste.

The original Wolf® Brand Chili recipe was developed in 1895 by a Texas ranch cook and Lyman T. Davis. Recognizing that they had something good, the pair brought their specialty by wagon to the oil boomtown of Corsicana, Texas. There they sold it for five cents a bowl in front of the Blue Front Saloon.

By the early 1920s, the chili's great-tasting reputation had spread, so Mr. Davis began canning the chili. At the suggestion of a local photographer, Mr. Davis’ pet wolf, Kaiser Bill, was selected to grace the label. Suddenly the chili had a name, Wolf® Brand, which became as famous as its flavor.

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Kaiser Bill

Pictured above, this is the only known photo of Kaiser Bill outside of his cage. He of course, is inspiration for the name of our beloved chili.

Lyman T. Davis

As he appeared in the photo section of the January 1, 1927, edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun. Photograph reproduced from the actual newspaper, which was originally produced in rotogravure.

Kaiser Bill

He is on board and ready to go! This is the only known close-up of Bill in his cage.

Fred Slauson

Here he is in the driver seat, ready for the trip.

The Famous Can Car

This picture was taken in front of a Dallas grocer. The cage that held Kaiser Bill had been replaced by a display case. The animal inside the case was a stuffed coyote.

Corsicana, Texas

As it looked in 1895 when Davis first came to town to sell his chili. The Blue Front Saloon was in the corner of the building to the left of the City Bakery sign. (Photo courtesy of Dee Hawkinson).

Pop Meyers

The official voice of Wolf® Brand Chili. (Courtesy of Al Hopkins).

The Original Can Car

This is probably the first photograph ever taken of the original can car. Fred Slauson took this picture, and the little girl next to the car is his daughter, Bonnie Ruth Slauson.

Can Car

Two ladies in their Sunday finest pose beside the can car.

On The Road with Kaiser Bill


This is a newspaper advertisement announcing the Wolf® Brand Chili Oklahoma invasion. (Courtesy of Al Hopkins).

Earliest Known Wolf® Brand Chili Label

This label shows Kaiser Bill in the approximate pose suggested by Fred Slauson. (Courtesy of Al Hopkins).

Test Drawing of Kaiser Bill

This original Fred Slauson drawing of a Kaiser Bill pose was used as a model for the original labels. (Courtesy of Jim West).

100 Year Anniversary

The Official Proclamation

Signing Ceremony

The official signing ceremony naming chili the Texas state dish.

Wolf® Brand Chili, A Texas Legend