Down-home favorites
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Chili Cheese Dogs
Wolf® Brand Chili and your favorite dogs get an automatic invite to any summer BBQ. But here’s a little secret: this chili cheese dog recipe also tastes great indoors.
Corn Chip Pie
Simplicity can be beautiful (and delicious!). Wolf® Brand Chili, cheese, and corn chips make this Corn Chip Pie a thing of beauty.
Chili Taco Pizza
Looking for a quick and easy pizza sauce with a little something extra? Wolf® Brand Chili takes ordinary pizza and gives it a Texas twist.
Chili Tacos
It’s a taco shortcut that’s long on taste. Start with Wolf® Brand Chili and black beans, add your favorite toppings, and dig in!
Classic Chili Pie
Hearty chili pie casserole with layers of crunchy corn chips, Wolf® Brand Chili, cheese and onions.
Layered Chili Salad
Warm chili topped with layers of tomatoes, olives, guacamole, lettuce, corn chips and cheese for a flavorful layered salad.
Cheesy Enchiladas
Corn tortillas filled with chili, green chilies and cheese, then topped with more chili and cheese.
Chili and Cheese Burritos
Easy chili and cheese burritos with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, sour cream and onions
Chili-Bration Pizza
Wolf® Brand Chili mixed with tomato sauce creates a unique sauce for ready made pizza crusts. Top with your family’s favorite toppings for an easy weeknight meal.
Cornbread Chili Casserole
Cornbread with whole kernel corn and peppers, topped with canned chili and cheese that ’bakes through’ the cornbread.
Best-Ever Turkey Chili
Canned turkey chili with added vegetables and tomatoes for a quick-prep chili with a Southwest flavor influence
A traditional Mexican dish that can be served for breakfast -- chili, beans, corn tortilla chips, tomatoes and queso freso cheese combined and baked to perfection.
Cowboy Nachos
Zesty nachos with a hearty flavor that are big enough to be a meal.
Tex Mex Quesadillas
A flour tortilla filled with chili, cheese and green chilies, then heated for a quick appetizer.
Chili Corn Chowder
A thick, rich corn chowder enhanced with beans and tomatoes.
Cheesy Chili Mac
Prepared macaroni and cheese combined with canned chili -- a quick and easy variation for mac and cheese
Chili Deep Dish Pie
Chili combined with Southwest mixed vegetables and potatoes, then topped with a layer of Cheddar cheese biscuits for an easy casserole
Chili Cheese Omelet
Use canned chili and cheese to fill and top omelets flavored with onion and jalapeno pepper for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Chili Cheese Dip
A hot layered dip with a kick of spice! Perfect for your family game night!